The goal of Luv, Mika is to inspire, share with, and connect with everyday women by sharing content that speaks specifically for them and to them. Luv, Mika inspires and encourages women to conquer and care for their own natural hair by sharing natural hair styling tutorials and natural hair care content. She also shares content on plus size style and body positivity with the intent to inspire women to look their best no matter the budget, and to love themselves at any size. Luv,Mika is also a place to get creative and make beautiful things for your self, your home, loved ones, and just for fun.

About the Founder

Shamika George (or Mika because you’re all fam) is a hardworking, 9 to 5er, mom of 1 that loves her natural hair, good shopping deals, and still finds time to take on creative projects.  After obtaining her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology in ’08 and landing a 9 to 5 in ’09 to support her family, she found herself lacking a venue to talk about and share everything she was passionate about. She started her first blog on blogspot in 2013 and followed that up with her YouTube channel to connect with others that love natural hair, plus size style, and creative content. Fast forward to 2016 and we’re here at luvmika.com .  Shamika is originally from St. Thomas, US Virgin Isalnds (born and raised), but recently took a leap of faith in search of better opportunities and relocated her family to Tallahassee, Florida. Her focus is to maintain a connection through the realness of all that she is and to continue to inspire through the content she creates based on her passions, experiences, and interests.