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How to Not Suck at Celebrating Yourself

how to not suck at celebrating yourself
Ask me that a month ago and my answer would have been “I don’t know, let me know when you find out”.
I was the chick that made huge accomplishments and told absolutely no one, and did nothing to commemorate it. I just moved on to the next goal I dreamed up. There’s danger in not stopping for a moment to really recognize “Yasss, you did that! You put in the work, stayed on task, and did the damn thing.” I’m probably exaggerating about the level of danger. It’s not like Lord Voldemort is hellbent on destroying you over the course of years, but I’ll explain. If you don’t stop to celebrate accomplishments/blessings (one in the same),you risk feeling unaccomplished AF when you come across difficulties in pursuing future goals. So here are a few pieces of advice, tips, and ways to celebrate your accomplishments to boost your confidence & equip you with the “I’m a Boss” mentality that is necessary to plow through any bumps in the road ahead. Before I share with you these tips, I must practice what I preach and share with you what I’m celebrating as my new year (I turned 30) just started.