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Furry Heart Wall Art DIY for Gallery Wall

DIY Faux Fur Heart Wall Art for Gallery Wall

I finally got started on my next wall art feature in my creative space. Buh bye boring blank wall, you shall not be missed. Most of the wall is comprised of encouraging quotes in pretty scripts and typography so I wanted to amp up the artsy aesthetic with these cute fuzzy heart wall art installments….

Making DIY Holiday Photo Ornaments

You know you’re an adult when you look at a Christmas tree and don’t really think about the gifts you’re about to get on the 25th.  I mean I do think about it, but hardly. When I look at it, it just makes me think back on the entire year that led up to the…

DIY Gold Christmas Wreath

Gold and Glam Holiday Wreath DIY Under $8

The holidays are here and I am so happy to say that the fam and I have already put up decorations. We totally failed for the Fall season, but we were ready for this season. Since it is our 1st Christmas since relocating to Tallahassee and my son is now old enough to care about…