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Furry Heart Wall Art DIY for Gallery Wall

DIY Faux Fur Heart Wall Art for Gallery Wall

I finally got started on my next wall art feature in my creative space. Buh bye boring blank wall, you shall not be missed. Most of the wall is comprised of encouraging quotes in pretty scripts and typography so I wanted to amp up the artsy aesthetic with these cute fuzzy heart wall art installments….

diy heart shaped earrings

Heart Earrings & Heart Pins DIY (+GIVEAWAY)

February is here, and Valentine’s day is in hot pursuit. Whether your style is comfy casual, sophisticated chic, or somewhere in between you can’t go wrong with a cute pair of heart shape earrings and a heart pin to complement your look. Using just a few affordable supplies it’s possible to get a headstart on…

Tassle Earrings DIY

Making Statement Tassle Earrings DIY

With all the diy pom poms I’ve made I’ve still got loads of yarn left to make other creations. Cuz the diy with yarn party don’t stop. 🙂 For this project I added some fun statement tassle earrings to the mix and they turned out super cute. Supplies Yarn Index Card (anything to wrap yarn…

Statement Sweater with Patches DIY

Pullover Sweater with Patches DIY

I’m so happy to see that patches and pins are making a comeback. It’s so cool to see the variety that is out there and how creative you can get. I wanted a statement pullover sweater with patches and have been scouring  the net for one that spoke to me with no luck. That’s when…