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Crochet Cornrows on Fishbone Braids(a natural hair hack)

True Story: I can cornrow, but I can’t get my feed-in cornrows (cornrows in which you progressively add extension hair) to look right to save my life. I’ve tried it and tried it and lets just say it’s unlikely that a feed in cornrow tutorial from me would ever see the light of day.

Still I need to be able to rock some long cornrows when I feel like it. Where there’s a will, there’s a hack. Pulling from the skills I do have, I came up with this technique on achieving feed-in cornrows without having to fiddle with the actual feed-in process.

crochet cornrows on fishbone braidscrochet cornrows on fishbone braids

Start by creating a small cornrow in the place you want your actual feed in cornrow. Then crochet gradually increasing amounts of the synthetic hair into that small cornrow  from the beginning of the cornrow to the back. Next brush your hair and cornrow as usual picking up the crocheted hair as well as your own natural hair as you go.

It’s super easy to do and the crocheted cornrow is undetectable. See the tutorial of this relatively new technique in the video below.

What do you think? Will you be trying this out?