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Finding Out If 3M Command Strips Really Work as We Take Down Our Christmas Decor

This past weekend Kem and I took down our Christmas decorations. This was totally intentional and not due to laziness of any kind. Ever since I could remember Christmas decorations in my mom’s house were not taken down until after 3 Kings Day. To be honest I didn’t pay enough attention in Sunday school so I can’t say for sure why we did that.  Do good to others, love and respect others is all I gathered at the time. Nevertheless, it’s a tradition that I wanted to keep because it’s the last reminder of an awesome  year for us other than the photo ornaments I made.

We were both sad to see the Christmas decor come down, including the garland wall art I made for the bare wall next to the tree.

I tried 3M Command Hooks and Strips for the 2nd time when I hung the wall art, but I’ve never had to remove the hooks since the 1st set I installed are still holding up my cork boards in my creative space. I low key had some anxiety about it because I tried to reposition a  hook during my 1st time using them within 2 seconds of sticking it to the wall and I did not do it as instructed. The walls textured surface came right up with the adhesive. Needless to say the adhesive is very strong and fast acting.  $20 ish dollars gone from my security deposit? Not if you don’t tell on me. Shhhh!

I wanted to share with you how the removal process went when I removed two hooks and strips that had been stuck on my wall for a solid month.

Deep Breaths.

Removing Command Strips from Wall

Glory to God it came off with no damage at all. I can breath again. Please just understand that these strips are no joke and you must follow the removal instructions to a tee to prevent damage to your walls…even if you just stuck it on for a nano second. 🙂

Have you tried any 3m Command Strip products before? What was the outcome?