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gwynnie bee review

Gwynnie Bee Review: How to Make the Most of Your Gwynnie Bee Subscription

There’s only one thing better than getting cute clothing for the low low and that’s getting it for the free free. I signed up for Gwynnie Bee’s 30 day free trial just to see what all the hype was about and to give an honest review on the service Gwynnie Bee provides. Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription service that provides clothing you pick out (well sorta-we’ll get into that soon) from various clothing brands in the fashion game.

Gwynnie Bee’s Sign Up Process

The sign up process was relatively easy. For the 30 day trial, you have 3 subscription options to choose from, 1 item, 2 items, or 3 items at a time. Gwynnie Bee will recommend that you go with the 2 items option, but you’re not going to listen to them like I did right? Nope. Go for the 3 item option. Just don’t forget to cancel and return your items in time or they will charge you the 3 tiem subscription price. No bueno.
To complete the registration process Gwynnie Bee asks you to place a minimum number of clothing items in your virtual closet. Gwynnie Bee selects items from your closet to ship to you. You can also flag items in your closet as “Priority”. Gwynnie Bee makes great efforts to send at least one “Priority” item each time they ship a package to you.

Gwynnie Bee Shipment Experience

I received four items during my 30-day trial. I subscribed on April 14th and I received my first pair of items two days later.    You also get shipping confirmations via email with photos of the items that are in the package.  I cancelled my subscription on May 8th. It took about 1 day from when I alerted Gwynnie Bee that I was returning my items to when they shipped off my new pieces to try. I don’t know if this is different from the 3-item option, but with the 2-items option you only get one bag to return your clothing in. I honestly think that you should get a bag for each clothing piece. As it is now, you would have to wear both pieces relatively close together, and ship them out rather quickly to get another set of clothing. Upon cancelling, Gwynnie Bee notified me that the clothing in my possession needed to be there by the 20th. So I probably could have lived on the edge a bit by sticking it out for two more items, but nah.

Gwynnie Bee Items I Received

 gwynnie bee review

Effie’s Heart Theresa Dress in Kaleidoscope Print

I loved it! The colors are fun and fresh for the spring season. Easter was in the midst so it fit perfectly for the time that I wore it. The length was perfect in the front and also in the back (big butt struggles).
gwynnie bee review

London Times Textured Dress in Jungle Palm Print

This was my favorite of all the pieces. It has the perfect balance of color and black. I initially styled it with my lace up flats, but I traded them for my ankle boots since it was really rainy. I wore this look to work with my black Talbots cardigan. We had a farewell lunch for a coworker this same day and it was fit well for that setting. My only con is that I felt I could size down. As you can see it was a little bit loose especially in the top.
gwynnie bee review

Vince Camuto Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit in Black

This was my second favorite. I wore this to work as well and spent zero time figuring out what to wear or how to style it this day. I love that it was not a form fitting jumpsuit, but still gave me a defined shape. Similar to the palm print dress I needed this in one size smaller. I spent a lot of time adjusting the top to make sure my bra straps weren’t showing and that the neckline was positioned correctly.
Gwynnie Bee review

City Chic Floating Fever Dress (on Macys for $119)

I didn’t get a chance to wear this one. I didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity to try more clothing by holding up the return of this dress and the wrap dress. The dress did fit well when I tried it on, but I was not able to style this one for the office.

4 Keys to Your Best Gwynnie Bee Experience

  • Keep a small closet. The best way imo to get pieces that you really want is to NOT go ham by filling your closet with too much options. For the 2-item subscription, a minimum of 6 items have to be “closeted”. If I could go back in time I’d probably just leave 6 pieces in my closet and make changes once I received something on the list.
  • Choose clothing according to your lifestyle. This ensures you will wear the clothes quickly vs waiting for a specific day. As a 9 to 5er and simple life kinda chick, I should  stick to work wear or pieces that can be styled for casual outings and office settings.
  • Click Return Alert Early.  There’s a button under your “At Home” items that alerts Gwynnie Bee that you’re sending items back. This also prompts Gwynnie Bee to begin selecting new items from your closet to ship out. If you know that you’re going to be returning items the following day click the return button early.
  • Promotion Perks. Gwynnie bee provides a link that you can share with your friends or audience (if you’re a blogger). Paid members receive $25 towards their subscription for ever trial sign up. Bloggers can sign up for the affiliate program which gives them $75 towards their subscription for every free trial sign up.

Is it worth it?

For me personally, I would probably bypass this subscription service due to the following reasons.
I’m an affordable style blogger with splurging tendencies here and there. Therefore spending a monthly amount for clothing that I won’t own is not ideal for me. I like to own my stuff. 🙂 You can buy clothing you’ve tried out, but none of the items tugged at my coin saving heart strings enough.
While I loved all of the pieces I received, only one dress (the “Easter” dress) fit me perfectly. I definitely could have gone a size down in the palm tree dress and the jumpsuit. The majority of my day was spent adjusting the top of my jumpsuit to hide my bra straps. I think that’s partially due to me going against what the size advisor chose for me. I just didn’t want to receive clothes that I didn’t fit in at all vs slightly larger clothing.

On the Flipside Gwynnie Bee May Be a Good Choice If…

  •  If you want the perk of receiving clothing from various designers and brands without having to keep it. Sometimes we just want to wear things that are trending at the moment and move on. 🙂
  • If you’re looking to expose yourself to new designers/brands and learn what size works for your body. I found this extremely valuable as an avid thrifter and shopper in general. I often come across designer clothing that I’m unfamiliar with and am unsure about what size is best for my body.
Have you tried Gwynnie Bee? Are you interested in trying it free for 30 days like I did? Head over to gwynniebee.com.
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Gwynnie Bee Review