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How to Get the Faux Tapered Natural Hair Look

Cutting my natural hair in to a tapered cut and/or undercut (like these) has been on the brain for quite awhile. As much as I love the idea of the style I am still (after a at least a year) not ready to rock with it. So I decided to hack my natural hair into a faux tapered cut look.

Straight on you might think that I actually went through with cutting it, but nope. If you’re thinking about doing a tapered cut this is a great style to try to visualize how you would look and also to play around with the styles you can create. I ¬†love how this style turned out and it’s so easy to create, and refresh.

I got lots of compliments  from the Tally naturals in my area about the curls especially. As for the soft moisturized coils and curls, that is all due to the Kinky Tresses Coconut Mango Butter and Leave In Conditioner.

See how Kinky Tresses products loves on my hair and gets the curls poppin in the tutorial below.