how to not suck at celebrating yourself

How to Not Suck at Celebrating Yourself

Ask me that a month ago and my answer would have been “I don’t know, let me know when you find out”.
I was the chick that made huge accomplishments and told absolutely no one, and did nothing to commemorate it. I just moved on to the next goal I dreamed up. There’s danger in not stopping for a moment to really recognize “Yasss, you did that! You put in the work, stayed on task, and did the damn thing.” I’m probably exaggerating about the level of danger. It’s not like Lord Voldemort is hellbent on destroying you over the course of years, but I’ll explain.
If you don’t stop to celebrate accomplishments/blessings (one in the same),you risk feeling unaccomplished AF when you come across difficulties in pursuing future goals.
So here are a few pieces of advice, tips, and ways to celebrate your accomplishments to boost your confidence & equip you with the “I’m a Boss” mentality that is necessary to plow through any bumps in the road ahead.
Before I share with you these tips, I must practice what I preach and share with you what I’m celebrating as my new year (I turned 30) just started.

  • Left a peanut pay job of seven years and got a new one paying more than I was pursuing (at the same damn time)
  • More $ means more opportunties to create life experiences with the fam
  • Was able to get my son into a better school situation (minus weekly bullying, plus an accommodating staff). Still contemplating getting into this on the blog.
  • 5,000+ subscribers on YouTube
  • Almost 1k on Instagram…and that’s a feat for a basic chick ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I’m still alive, 30 years fabulous, living and shtuff.

Self Celebration is Not Bragging

It really isn’t. You cant expect others to love and respect you if you don’t do these things for yourself. You’ve heard that time and time again for no other reason than it’s the truth. In addition to that, when others see you being positive and sharing your accomplishments it serves the purpose of inspiring others to go after similar goals, and get past similar struggles. There’s no greater comfort in going after a goal you want to accomplish than knowing it’s been done before. Anyone that thinks otherwise of self celebration is just not in a place to be inspired by the successes of others *sips tea* and that has nothing to do with you so press on.

Celebrate with Genuine Friends and/or Loved Ones

The keyword in that subtitle is “Genuine”. It’s easier to look back on an accomplishment if it was commemorated with special events like intimate dinners or a party with the loved ones that keep you going.
how to celebrate yourself
ย how to celebrate yourself

Low Key Celebrations are Good Too

Some people just can’t take huge the great gatsby esque celebrations no matter how significant the accomplishment or milestone. Raises hand. #intovertsuniteseperately ย That’s totally cool.
Self celebration only occurs the way you yourself want it to. Unless someone throws a huge surprise party. Good luck if that’s the case. I’ll be over here.
Treat yourself to a spa day, mani, pedi, buy something you really needed (wanted). Scrapbook the accomplishment or take a trip by yourself , the world is your oyster.
I hope this encouraged you to be proud of your achievements in life thus far.
Share some accomplishments you’re proud of in the comments!