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Making a Book Cover With Woven Plastic Canvas

DIY Woven Book Cover

Yall I’ve been on a roll lately with keeping the creative mojo flowing and I’m so excited to keep it going. I repurchased a Passion Planner for the 2nd year and it has been helping me to keep all my content creation ideas at the forefront.

I handle my planner on a daily basis and am able to carry it with me everywhere I go since I bought the more practical and portable size. Since its constantly justling around in my bag, I wanted to preserve the pretty by creating this gorgeous woven book cover.

This can be created just as easily for any precious planner, journal, or book you want to protect from the wear and tear frequent handling.


  • plastic canvas
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • yarn needle

Using the Passion Planner as a template I traced at least two squares beyond the edges of the book on the canvas. I did this for the front cover, the planner’s spine, and the inner pocket that the Passion Planner has to hold important papers or planner stickers to go. Once I cut out the front cover and inner pocket panels. I used them as a template to cut out the back cover panel and a second pocket panel for the back. You can never have enough pockets…agreed? 🙂

DIY Plastic Canvas Book Cover

Note: I cut out a square in the front cover panel to highlight the engraved design on the Passion Planner, but this is completely optional.

DIY Woven Book Cover

At this step you have to decide what kind of pattern you would like to create on your book cover.  I decided to create alternating vertical stripes. The easiest way to get even vertical stripes is to take the number of individual squares along the width of the panels and divide that by the number of stripes you would like on the panel.

For example. If you were working with a  panel that has 20 individual squares along it’s width. Then you would have to create stripes that are 4 squares wide to get 5 vertical stripes total, 2 squares wide to get 10 vertical stripes total, 5 squares wide to get 4 vertical stripes total.

DIY Woven Book Cover


The quickest way to create stripes is by doing a satin stitch in which you insert the needle into the first square of your stripe, back down into the last square of your stripe, and repeat until you have a full stripe.

All that’s left to do is to secure the panels together with overcast stitches. You can also overcast any edges for a more finished look.

DIY Woven Book Cover

This project can be either short and sweet or super tedious depending on the designs you decide to go with. If you just want to cover your book and don’t mind the exposed plastic canvas this could easily be a one day project. It took me a few days to complete this project, but the end result is definitely worth it. Now I know for a fact that my Passion Planner will be as gorgeous as the first day I got it. *fingers crossed* I know myself. 🙂

DIY Woven Book Cover




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