Tassle Earrings DIY

Making Statement Tassle Earrings DIY

With all the diy pom poms I’ve made I’ve still got loads of yarn left to make other creations. Cuz the diy with yarn party don’t stop. 🙂 For this project I added some fun statement tassle earrings to the mix and they turned out super cute.



Index Card (anything to wrap yarn around)

Jewelry Making Tools


Earring Hooks

First I wrapped yarn around the index card 20-30 times and cut the end once I was done wrapping. The more revolutions around the card the thicker the tassle will be. Next I slid a long strip of yarn under the index card and secured a knot at the top of the bundle to keep all the pieces of yarn together.


Tassle Earrings DIY

To create the tassle shape I cut the yarn at the opposite end of the bundle. Flip the free ends of yarn over the knot to conceal it and wrap them tightly together with the excess of the long strip of yarn. Tight two to three knots to maintain the tassle shape.

Tassle Earrings DIY Open the end of the hook using jewelry pliers, slip the top of the tassle onto the open hook, and close the end of the hook.

Tassle Earrings DIY

And that’s it! Each pair literally takes 5 minutes to make once you get a rhythm going. I’ll definitely be making more of these in fun pastel colors come spring time.

Hope you like this tutorial? Which color is your fave?

Tassle Earrings DIY

Tassle Earrings DIY


Tassle Earrings DIY