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Pink Pants : 3 Effortless Ways to Style Pink Pants

On Thursdays I’ve been sharing thrifted outfit posts (#thriftedthursdays on Instagram) to show that looking great doesn’t have to be challenging or expensive. Today I’m sharing how I styled these bomb, bright, and bodaciously bold (say that 3x fast) pink pants. I thrifted them from my local Goodwill for a smooth 4.79. Turns out these pants are from Graver Studio which is a licensed trademark of Susan Graver. I know Susan Graver from watching her promote her clothing line on QVC and always appreciated how stylish yet comfortable her clothing seemed to be.  Susan Graver’s pants usually cost around $40- $60 so thrifting them for $4.79 is a certified steal.

styling pink pants

Pink pants were definitely out of my comfort realm of dark clothing, but I’m so glad I decided to give myself the challenge. I paired my comfy pink slacks with a classic black and white striped top from which is also thrifted. A black and white top is a great way to balance out the boldness of the pants yet still maintain some interest throughout the entire look. I finished off this office chic look with a simple dainty pendant necklace and my lace up ballet flats (more cute spring shoes HERE).

styling pink pants

I’m so glad that I decided to incorporate more color into my wardrobe because it really opened my mind to more style options. I’m thoroughly loving the flashes of color here and there throughout my closet and I’m excited to keep going.

styling pink pants

3 Easy Pink Pants Styling Combos

Solid White or Black Top + Pink Pants Combo

Whether it’s a button up, off the shoulder, or simple graphic tee. Pairing with a solid white or black top is the easiest way to style pink pants.

Black and White Top + Pink Pants Combo

Thinks stripes, polka dots, gingham, houndstooth, or something completely abstract. This is a great combo for anyone that wants every piece to standout with interest, but still be complimentary to each other.

Orange Top + Pink Pants Combo

This would seem like a strange combo, but it actually works on all skin tones. They’re both warm colors with red undertones and I’ve never seen the colors not work together.

How would you style pink pants?